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Designing your training program

Please see the book for sample upper/lower and pull/push/legs splits. Depending on your weekly schedule, different programs make sense. How often can you train ?

There have been long discussions on how you should split body parts across different training days. It will always be a compromise - you want to get enough frequency for each body part, and get synergies (e.g. training back + biceps, or chest + triceps). The workouts should be somewhat balanced in terms of time and fatigue.

Training day

I like to start either with a short cardio warm-up (biking or rowing), or do an exercise that gets me warm quickly, like heavy farmer's walks. Then I do heavy exercises (e.g. Romanian Deadlifts), followed by lighter exercises for smaller muscle groups.

When to train ?

When you consistently have time to train !

Ideally, you should train each muscle group often enough - about twice per week - but leave enough time for recovery.

During the weekend you can probably get better recovery, allowing longer and harder training.

1x per week

Are you serious about training ? Then you should try to train more often. If this is really all you can make time for, do a full body workout, and if possible do some calisthenics each morning.

2x per week

Better, but not ideal. Again, consider full body workouts.

3x per week


4x per week


5x per week

A combination of upper/lower + pull/push/legs works well. Example:

6x per week

Probably too much. Example: 2 x pull/push/legs

7x per week

Usually not a good idea - "on the seventh day you shall rest."
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