About me

I live in a small, hilly, tiresomely neat country (Switzerland, as described by Douglas Adams). As a kid, I wanted to get stronger and bigger, so I started training with dumbbells around 14 or 15. I should have started earlier...

Today, about 40 years later, I work as an electrical engineer, and regularly lift and bike.

Are you a Goblin ?

DNA tests to determine this are strangely unavailable at my local test lab.
  • Size - kind of small
  • Hair - unruly
  • Feet - kind of small, prefer to be without shoes
  • Looks - suspiciously inconspicuous
  • Strength - not bad for the size
  • Scent - thinks perfume is best used for chemical warfare
  • Language - sometimes salty
  • Temper - slightly devious
You tell me...

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