Set up your iron playground

Some items are heavy, and expensive to ship over long distances. You will have to look at your local market. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned quality home training equipment into a rare and sometimes expensive commodity. This too shall pass...

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Adjustable benches are too complicated to build yourself, but a flat bench is easy to build.

Carpet or mat

I use an inexpensive carpet from Ikea. I had to evict my rubber mat as the persistent smell of the recycled rubber was bothering me. The carpet does not protect the floor quite as well - so dropping weights is out.

Pull-up / chin-up bar

I have the "monkey chin" attached to the back wall of my company's warehouse. You will have to find your own good spot. Maybe your doorways are suitable (too narrow in my apartment).

Something heavy to carry

Lifting pulley Lifting handles, metal loading pin