Loaded Carries

Farm Goblin's Walk

Weighttraining.guide Trap bar farmer's walk
Buff Dudes on Farmer's Walks
Brian Alsruhe on Farmer's Walks

Fire Goblin's Carry

The piggy back carry should not need further introduction.

When carrying a friend, you don't have to pick them up from the floor. But it is still interesting to see how it is done.

Fireman's carry with pick-up from ground
Different orientation
Ranger Roll (don't try this at home)

The story of Lazy Jack (success through loaded carry)


Strongfirst on rucking
Rucking, military style
Traditional rack for carrying cheese

Sherpas in Nepal

Al Jazeera on their heavy burden (nice photos)
NPR: How do they carry so much weight ?
More on sherpas
Scientists on sherpas
Sherpa facts