Back & Biceps

Lat pulldown one arm lat pulldown (more conventional angle)
Half-kneeling single arm lat pulldown
Solinda Hong / performing the single arm lat pulldown (recommended orientation, better stretch)
Kabuki Strength - a bit more technical description

Dumbbell row dumbbell row
Why to use a bit of momentum
Dumbbell row mistakes


Barbend on dumbbell pull-over
Barbend video: Dumbbell pull-over
John Meadows variation
Why you should do them lying flat on the bench, not across the bench...

Biceps curls on EZ curls
EZ bar curl
EZ vs. straight bar curls

Dumbbell curls on dumbbell curls
Seth Feroce on dumbbell curls
Tristyn Lee alternating dumbbell curls
Tristyn Lee dumbbell hammer curls

Preacher curls

Preacher curls could also be done with the EZ bar, but typical home benches are too narrow. I recommend using dumbbells. Please don't try to move macho weights. Remember - your biceps is at a mechanical disadvantage at the bottom. on preacher curls
Dumbbell preacher curl
Jim Stoppani tip on hand position

Incline curls

This exercise is useful as it lets you go into full stretch safely. on incline dumbbell curls
Sean Nalewanyj on incline dumbbell curls
Jason Gallant on incline dumbbell curls
Tristyn Lee incline dumbbell curls