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Goblin's Gym - Strength and Health Secrets for Growing Goblins

The complete guide to getting STRONG in and around your cave:

  • Training Principles
  • Set up your Iron Playground
  • Goblin Anatomy
  • Exercises
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery
and much more...

So far, there are virtually no books about strength training written specifically for children and teens. This project aims to fill this glaring gap, and give readers a thorough introduction. The book will be illustrated in manga style. All exercises can be performed with a basic, affordable home gym setup, and should be easy to learn. The book is meant to be a long-term reference, and also touches on topics important for long-term development and health, such as biomechanics, posture, breathing and nutrition.

Draft version of the book

(version 36, more illustrations). Please do not post this file elsewhere on the web, it will probably be outdated soon...

Notes on Training and Health issues

Set up your iron playground

Notes on Nutrition

10 Commandments

The pages below will point you to videos and articles on the exercises I recommend. Watch different people doing the same exercise, and learn from their hints. Let me know if you find some more gold in the Youtube haystack.

Bodyweight exercises

Loaded carries

Back & Biceps

Chest & Triceps



Isometric training

This is a web page. Everything written here must be priceless, infallible information.

Seriously: If you drop heavy things on your foot, strain a muscle or otherwise mess yourself up, that is YOUR problem.
Use your head, listen to your body, and lift safely.

If you have questions or comments, please contact me.